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F-250 Firestone air bag install

Firestone air bags – a must for towing this summer. When it comes to heavy hauling there will be one thing you are sure to want to add to your truck, car or SUV – airbags. Firestone is the first name in heavy hauling. Their air bag systems can be found under almost every heavy truck that drives by you and they have airbag assist kits under their Ride-Rite brand to add air bag assist systems to almost any vehicle you may own even many car applications. It you have any plans to tow this season be it a boat or a RV you will want a set of air bags to help you safely on your way.

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Ram 1500 air bags for coil springs

Towing safer with your 1/2 ton truck Having a light truck in the family fleet is very common these days. Vehicle manufacturers have made the 1/2 ton class very attractive to active families. Single, quad and crew cab trucks can haul up to 6 people in some cab designs, haul your toys in the box and tow your trailer or RV to your favourite camping spot come summer and still offer a very comfortable commuting vehicle for work. A wide array of engine choices also make these trucks far more fuel efficient than ever before. I come from a line of diesel trucks in the past 10 years but even I couldn’t justify the inflated cost of the diesel power train for the 4-5 times per year I want to tow my Jeep on an extended trip.Click the picture for the full article...

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Extend your towing range with Titan fuel tanks

Today’s trucks, especially diesels, have amazing towing power out of the box and with this capability many more people are using shorter wheelbase trucks to tow larger trailers. If your planning to travel long distances with a travel trailer and drop it when you get there, who wants to go for groceries in a crew cab long box dual tire truck? I towed for years with my crew cab short box Chevy Duramax and was very happy with its performance but one of my pet peeves was the small 85L fuel tank and most short box trucks come with this size. When the truck was empty it got a reasonable 600+ kms per tank, stick my Jeep on the trailer behind it and that shrunk to a mere 400kms per tank. When trying to cover some ground through the night where at times diesel gets a bit hard to find, it always felt like you were planning around fuel stops. Click the picture for the full article...

Cummins - through the back door of the factory

Once in a while something cool comes along that you didn’t expect to happen. That for me recently turned into a whirlwind trip through several USA states visiting an array of companies owned or associate with Cummins engine. OK I’ll fess up – this magazine project of mine is a fun hobby but I do have a day job – and recently that changed to Cummins Western Canada. Our tour was so get all of us sales guys better equipped to answer questions from customers and to understand the processes that Cummins goes through to build rebuild and market engines – a job they have been doing for well since 1919 – closing in on 100 years! So being the gear head that I am – I pretty much listened to the presentations but totally soaked in the visuals with Engine production lines (can’t show you those) and getting to see the 98L 4000hp Hedgehog engine up close being assembled.Click the picture for the full article...

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