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Winching tech - best way to start this section!

When you get to exploring deeper into the back roads the time will come when you get stuck, or turn around due the possibility of getting stuck. While high lift jacks and tug straps can help – you always need a friend to help get you out with these tools. There really is no replacement for a good quality recovery winch on your vehicle. My first winch was a game changer for my adventures, while I didn’t go out just to get stuck, that potentially deep mud hole in my way, pile of rocks, or even just wet slick trails or snow were not nearly as formidable as before. Selecting a winch can be an extensive process these days. It seems just about every 4x4 and parts store has branded their own winch. Gone are the days when there was a choice of three – Warn, Superwinch & Ramsey. Today there is an array of brands and the price point was come down substantially on quality entry-level winches. While all three of those brands above do offer excellent choices, how they are used while winching - the techniques, safety and gear to make your winch work longer and more effective have not changed. Click the picture for the full article...

Reviving a used Warn 8274 - total investment under 500.00

I’m a pretty big advocate of spending money on a good winch and bumper and recovery kit before you bother with wheels, angry eye grills and light bars – well pretty much anything really – if you want to go out wheeling – buy a winch and learn how to use it from some other trail veterans. Over the past few years the market has been saturated with a lot of “private label” winch brands, you know the ones Harbor Freight, Princes Auto, Costco a few large scale 4x4 suppliers etc… These are not winch manufacturers but simply go to the market and find a company to wrap a winch in their logos, rarely have support for parts, can’t rebuild anything broken so tend to have the “replace for free” warranty till that runs out. Don’t get me wring there are some good quality products as well in this market but you can’t go wrong with one of the name brands.Click the picture for the full article...




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