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Bolt Lock products

How do you write about a product as simple as the BOLT lock. Or should we say how can you reinvent something as simple as a padlock. The BOLT (breakthrough One-key Lock technology) by STRATTEC is a pretty straight forward product, They are high quality locks from padlocks, hitch locks and cable locks to secure just about anything in your vehicle or anywhere for that matter. What makes it unique is the system uses your vehicle key to set the tumblers inside the lock – matching it to the most common key in your pocket – your cars key. It takes seconds to match the lock to your vehicle. Pull the protective tab off the lock cylinder end, insert your car key twist till it stops and your done. That’s it. The best part is the locks are of excellent quality and even in harsh winter climates the lock I used to secure my car trailer, which was out in the elements for two years, still worked perfectly and was rust free. Click the picture for the full article...

High Lift multi tool

Ever run out of space in your rig to go wheeling and camping? Need a shovel an axe, and hammer to spike your tent pegs? Hi-Lift has the perfect tool for every wheeler – a tool kit in a bag! The Hi-lift “Handle All” is 4 tools in one with a compact two piece handle assembly. The kit comes with a good solid shovel, a sledge hammer, a axle with a great blade and a pick axle for digging yourself out of a sticky situation and a strong bag to carry it along with you. Its pretty straight forward though an extra length of tube when using the shovel would have been nice. Check it out – neat and simple and everyone needs these tools for wheeling and camping!Click the picture for the full article...


Making a hand held bead roller for rad pipes

Tired of driving your local parts store crazy hauling out rad hoses to try and fit your project? Sometimes it’s the simple things that make your project easier, and this little trick with a wire crimper will help you build a cooling system that will fit anywhere.

I’ve used flex hoses in the past but they never seem to truly flex the way you want, this time out I wanted to connect hose bends with aluminum tubing. The downside is with smooth tubing there is always a chance of a hose expanding and blowing off. While the tubing is perfect in spots where a rubber hose may rub, getting a bead lip to help hold the hose on was typically accomplished at expensive bead rollers you may never use again. I caught this cool trick on line searching for ways to make my cooling system and figured I’d give it a try – well it works great! Finding the right crimp tool was a bit of a trick.

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Renovo - best soft top cleaner I've found yet.

Seeing as I spend a lot of time wheeling and prefer Jeeps with a soft top, I have always pretty much given up trying to keep my soft tops clean. In a matter of a trip or two even a brand new soft top will have mud and road spray all over it and once the dirt is settled in or you encounter anything that is clay based, the streaks and stains are there almost for good. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of products, many sent to me for trial and never really found anything that removed everything from the top – but this one I can say does the trick! I don’t get fanatical about stains and bush pin-stripping on my rigs after all there are primarily wheeling machines for me so I tend not to really get carried away with getting the top clean but there are times when I have a nicely built rig of mine in a car show or a trade show that I’ve always been disappointed in the look of my soft top. So as you can imagine if it takes much more than general cleaning time I’ll pretty much walk away – there is no chance I’m going to spend a full day to clean much of anything I wheel.Click the picture for the full article...

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randys puller 1.jpg

Randy's World Wide - Differential bearing puller

A guy can never have to many tools right? That really wasn’t a question! When it comes to a home shop or a professional shop for that matter specialty tools are what you are going to need. If your into wheeling or doing diff service, pressing bearings on and off the differential carriers can be a pain at best. Getting hold of the bearings to safely pull them off without damaging the bearings or the shims found under many of the bearings is a lot easier with this bearing puller kit from Randy’s R&P service. If your into doing your own differential work and don’t have the space for a full hydralic press – this is the way to go. This bearing puller set can safely remove carrier bearings from a wide array of diffs and for that fact other shafts with pressed on bearings. The kit comes with several sets of bearing “cups” and utilizes a 1/2 inch air ratchet to safely remove bearings in seconds. Check out the ease of use and give Randy’s a call for your own cool tool.

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Drake Off Road locking hood latches

Got floppy hood syndrome? Of just a lot of expensive stuff under the hood you would like to keep? Jeeps are pretty easy to get into under the hood but here are a couple options to keep unwanted eyes from under your precious hood.


First up is the Drake Off road, lockable – adjustable hood latches. These will completely stop the dreaded JK hood lift in in its tracks. The center buckle also adjusts to make sure your hood is down tight. Better yet is the keyed center cylinder that also keeps all but the most ambitions thief’s from used your hood. Designed to fit right in place of a JK hood latch. I had to do a little more work on my cut and trimmed CJ hood but these latches will work on any jeep and really can act as a lock on toolboxes or any other lid you want to keep secure.

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