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My TJ graces the cover of Issue-2. this little Jeep went through many changes over the years. Starting as a 6000.00 stock 4 cyl to its current state with Dynatrac axles, 40 inch BFG Krawler tires long arm front suspension with leaf sprung over rear, a healthy Ford 5.0L backed by a 4 speed Atlas and a C4 automatic. It was a very good wheeler!

Inside this issue:

  • TBI fuel injection conversions form Holley and FAST

  • Rubicon Express Superflex suspension for Jeep TJs

  • Slip Yoke eliminator for Jeep 21 T-cases

  • Engine driven air with a Sandon compressor

  • Winch tech - and tools of the winching game.

  • And of course more...




On the cover is a Aqualu all aluminum 4 door JK body Jeep built by Jason from MCE Flares. Under the hood is a 5.3L LS and relatively basic powertrain after that. However it made short work of all the climbs in Moab including this spot on Pritchet Canyon.

Inside this issue:

  • Spartan locker install - the Lunchbox style

  • Axle filing for full circle clips

  • Couple test drives the GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma

  • Project CJK-8 begins - part JK, part CJ, but a little long like a Scrambler

  • Titan fuel tanks for those long haul trips towing your rig

  • Renovo - the best soft top cleaner I've ever used.

  • And of course even more...


We didn't know it at the time that Area BFE in Moabs days were numbered but here we are looking back nostalgically. But at the time of his issue we were following an awesome bunch of Utah locals in a real mix of what I can back-to-basics (no car payments here) build it yourself wheelers in Upper Heldorado - a trail I have only completed myself once - winching the waterfall at the end.

Inside this issue:

  • Rancho JK  1/2 inch short arm system with all new flex joint control arms

  • BDS TJ Long arm system with Fox shocks

  • TMR Shave kit for the 14 bolt axle

  • Moving the steering box on a TJ for a wheelbase stretch

  • Grant steering wheel security system

  • An overview of whats planned for the CJK8

  • And of course even more...



This shot was of a nice vintage YJ coming out of the entrance to Cliff Hanger trail. Of all the times I've been to Moab, Cliffhanger has been one I've never driven till this year. The entrance and exit are pretty much the hardest part but the views at the end are epic when you get to the rim of the canyon.

Inside this issue:

  • Teraflex - torsion bar swaybars

  • Fox internal bypass shocks

  • Goatbuilt engine brackets for LS swaps

  • Flex-a-lite fans and radiator for the CJK8

  • Currie Enterprises axle brackets for JK axle swaps

  • Toyota's new TRD line up

  • Jeep shows off there Skunkworks Jeep projects at Moab

  • And of course even more...


Mel and Lisa Wade from Off Road Evolution's Jeep JK can be seen on Cover 1-6. This was part of the Scott Frary Trail Tour. Mel went on to race in KOH, design some pretty cool Jeeps and suspensions and host the JK Experience trail rides.

Inside this issue:

  • Yukon Dana 60 ZIP air locker install

  • Trail Gear Rock Assault axle housing

  • Beadlock wheel buyers guide

  • Poison Spyder JK Armor

  • Currie Currectlync Steering System for TJs

  • We tour Tillimook State Forest - 4 wheeling style

  • We get a little seat time in the Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk

  • And of course even more...



While the Tacoma TRD Pro we took to Moab and ran some pretty hard trails doesn't grace the cover one of the other trail riders on Kane Creek Trail does. It had been well over 10 years since I had driven Kane Creek - and I was a little surprised at the increased Challenge - but we battle through in that off the showroom floor TRD Pro!

Inside this issue:

  • Rock Krawler TJ X factor triangulated suspension

  • MCE Flexible flares for your JK

  • CJK8 Ultimate Dana 60 build

  • Saint Anthony sand dunes, Idaho

  • Custer off-road lighting

  • And of course more...



A little Green Day at Area BFE for the Bestop/Tuffy trail ride day for the Easter Jeep Safari is a great way to set off the cover of issue 1-8. The land surrounding Upper Helldorado trail was bought by BFE films and recently sold again to a new owner. Over the years BFE films owned the land an array of trails were added. That has come to an unfortunate end - but they kept it open far longer than it would have been had another purchaser bought the land those 10 years ago.

Inside this issue:

  • Clayton Off Road full belly Skid system for the Jeep JK

  • Swapping a AAM 14 bolt into the CJK8

  • Cage building for the CJK8

  • Drake locking hood latches

  • Tour of Cummins USA headquarters - and their secret building

  • And of course more...



Who doesn't like an early Bronco on the cover of a magazine? This driver is coming up the first major obstacle Chewy Hill on Pritchet Canyon Trail in Moab. Pritchet is the most difficult rated trail run for the Easter Jeep Safari trails - and it is a challenge for sure! 

Inside this issue:

  • Clayton off-road JK short arm lift

  • CJK8 engine tech - Accel ignition

  • Earl's Performance Speed Seal brake lines

  • PSC Motorsports - JK ram assist steering for the CJK8

  • Mastercraft Safety Baja RS reclining and heated Jeep seats.

  • And of course more...


 4by4tech 2-1cover.jpg

On the cover of 2-1 is the all new Jeep Gladiator. Much has been said about this long awaited model - the first Jeep truck since 1991 - the first full frame truck since the J trucks of the 70s! We hit highway - load it up and take on a great trail to Secret Lake. Check inside to see what we think of this new truck in the mid size segment.

Inside this issue:

  • Rusty's Off-road TJ sport cage

  • BFG KM3 - at 1 year old - still good?

  • Metal Cloak JK lift - our first impressions

  • Coyote Boltless Beadlocks -  air bags for your tires

  • Do-it-yourself weld on beadlocks

  • Building custom Hardox steel skid plates for the CJK8

  • And of course more...


Back in the magazine game again! After a few years as a freelance writer after selling my previous print publications I've created 4by4tech, an all-tech on-line magazine about the great sport of off-road and vehicle fabrication.  Big or small I like them all! A great line up of tech to kick it off and I thought I'd start without a Jeep on the first cover!

Inside you will find:

  • 4 speed Atlas install

  • Dana 60 Eaton Elocker install

  • Pat's Driveline JK driveshafts

  • The last of the FJ Cruisers

  • Clayton Off-Road JK long arm suspension

  • Evans waterless coolant

  • BFG KO2 review

  • And more of course!

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