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Lift kits & Suspension

Yes your 4x4 purchase came with a suspension - but you know if you want to off-road at all - your going to demand a lot from it, whether you are rock crawling, over-landing or towing a huge trailer behind your truck. What holds up your ride is going to make all the difference to everything else that takes place with your 4x4 of choice. We get to review a lot of suspension products from leveling kits to the endless range of shocks and lift kits and flat out custom building - its all here for you to check out.

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Axle tech - lockers, axles, transfercase

Do I need lockers? Will my axles stand up to my bigger tires? What U joints should I run, when should I upgrade my driveshafts, what ratio should I run for what tires. You know the questions. We try and help you through all of this fog, show you some great products in all budget ranges, take on axle swaps and crate axles, lockers and gear sets, brakes and boosters, transfer cases and general re-gearing.

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Eaton elocker008.jpg
CJK8 Fox 15.JPG
BFG KM3-1.jpg

Tire Tech - tire & wheel reviews, grooving and siping

Nothing gets your favorite Facebook group or forum buzzing more than asking people what tires do they like - or what air pressure they run or if that they can't air down because they don't have bead-locks. It's like setting off a social media bomb!

Thats not the way we approach articles on tires wheels, grooving and siping. We take each tire - bash it around, stick it in mud, rocks, drive it on the street and drift it in gravel. Not one tire is going to be the best at everything... but our opinion in this area still seem to raise the most hairs on necks!

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Engine & Transmission Tech - power add-on's under hood tech

Who doesn't want more power?

This may end up being one of our bigger sections. We take on stuff under the hood back to the transfer case. This will include engine power add ons, air systems, engine and trans swaps, cooling systems and anything else attached to the engine of possibly stuck under the hood electrically as well. Click the picture for the full section...





Tech-Tech & Towing - electronics, sound, lights, you know...Tech & Towing

Anything that doesn't really fit anywhere else will be here - needs power to activate, makes life on the road easier, navigation, sound, can be switch banks, lighting, communications air bags, towing gear, trailer stuff... you get the idea .

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wiring 6.JPG

Recovery tech - winches, recovery articles, ropes, straps...

I'm a huge proponent of proper recovery gear. One of your first purchases, if you plan to explore and go wheeling, is to know how to get home. Forget the big tires, fancy wheels, 100 light bars. Buy a damn winch and buy the best one you can afford - then learn how to use it safely, mount it right, power it and learn how to self recover or recover your group with and without it... Pretty simple really...

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TT  tillimook 2 01.JPG

Interior Tech - stuff to make you happy inside your ride

All the stuff you will want to stick in the cab less the tech-tech and maybe some of that as well. Seats, storage, harnesses, roll cages, soft tops, hard tops, safety gear - truck stuff too of course as many of us tow with our Diesel and gas trucks.

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Quick Tech & cool tools - tips and tricks to make life easier

Everyone loves a cool tool or a trick to make life easier when wrenching on your rig. We take on all that stuff here. Tools, install tricks, etc...

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