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Year in review

2017 was a busy one that’s for sure. And one that started out with the loss of a family pet right after we introduced a new puppy into the house, their time together was short but eventful. Then the snow started – and didn’t stop until destroying the hedge around my house. 7 loads of trees on my car trailer later and I now have a great view of all my neighbors’ houses – but my yard feels bigger. Then we painted the entire house ands re-trimmed the outside.

With domestic chores out of the way I starting on year 2 of the CJK8 project blowing through so many set completion dates my own head is spinning but it’s been a big project between a whole lot of other projects to fill the pages of the magazine. It finally got hauled up to Aqualu early in the year to get the rest of the bodywork done. Then another twist in the changing of my day job to Cummins and my wife changing jobs as well, combined with Aqualu getting really busy reducing the R&D time needed to complete the box and fenders.

This put a little kybosh on the CJK8 completion and it didn’t make its way back to the house till June. In the mean time, knowing I was not going to have it done for Moab – Toyota generously lent me the Tacoma TRD Pro to take to the Easter Jeep Safari and we sure had a blast with it! Thanks again Toyota!


With the CJK8 back in the garage the work started again after that “little” 5 month break and I’m finally getting to the final stages – getting the seats in, Console made, brake lines done. Wiring and the rest of the hoses and lines are next and not far away – the turning of the key and getting paint on all that nice aluminum. This was one of those projects that once I went past the first two deadlines it was coming out so good, I decided it gets done when it gets done – and I see Moab Easter Jeep Safari clearly in my headlights now!


This little side project when combined with social media posts at anything @4by4tech doubled views to 680,000!!! I only have all of you to thank for putting up with my ramblings and picture posts.


I would be amiss not to mention what an awesome year it looks like 2018 is going to be with a completed project – and that new Jeep model that finally got unveiled today (Nov 29) at the LA auto show. I still wish they did a little more with the new JL it just looks like a warmed over JK to me – but the aftermarket will be pouring its heart into the new model faster than they will be hitting the showroom floors and that means all sorts of new stuff and new ideas coming out which is always a blast. One post on @dynatrac said they had two on order and just recently hired the designer of the JL away from Jeep corporate to design components for Dynatrac – that’s shows the ambition that comes out when a new Jeep model is introduced.

So that’s about it for me and about the only new years resolution I have is getting the CJK8 done with more than 2 days to go before Easter Jeep next spring – wish me luck!!!

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