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Rusty's Off-road TJ Sport Cage

Once upon a time there were a batch of companies making sport cages for TJs. The market has thinned a bit but we found this sport cage from Rusty’s Off Road to fit the needs of Chris’s TJ Rubicon he just acquired. Chris had a sport cage from another vendor years ago and when his Rubicon rolled down a cliff (thankfully without him it it) it showed that even a simple cage install like this would have taken the roll from life threatening to survivable. You don’t have to be a big bad 4x4 guy to know how easy it is to make a mistake on the trail everyone needs better than stock roll protection!

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Tuffy Security roll out drawer

If you spend enough time wheeling you learn there are essentials you have to take with you. It’s the expect the unexpected mind set of the avid four wheeler that creates a unique tow, recovery, tool and parts package in there rig. Get a few like-minded people together and between all the stuff you have you might be able to build yourself a space shuttle.


Keeping all that gear in check is the big challenge and making what you can’t do without on a wheeling trip close at hand safe and secure very important.

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Mastercraftseats 030.jpg

Mastercraft Baja RS seats

Do you spend a lot of time in the saddle of your off roader? Have your seats been beating you to death, or faded from the no top wheeling you do – or are just trashed from the age of your rig? Consider Mastercraft Safety for your next set of seats. I’m onto my second Jeep using a set of Mastercraft seats (My TJ also had a Mastercraft Safety bench in the back) and could not be happier. After running my last Jeep for 8 years from day one with Mastercraft racing seats, it was a no brainer that the new build was going to get the same seats. For 8 years that first set have carried me for thousands of off-road miles, never faded or ever lost a stitch from the fabric or left me cringing in the seat with a sore back over the endless rocky miles of trails I covered.

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Caging your TJ

There are a lot of ways to get to the same end when it comes to building off road rigs. When it comes to roll cages besides keeping occupants safe in that inevitable roll over you can get pretty artistic with your tube work. For those without tubing benders or access to a shop that has one there are quite a few companies that make bolt in cages that can take a pretty good roll or drop on the side. Anyone who gets a bit more serious with the harder trails should really look into a roll cage above what the factory designs their cars and trucks for – past a winch in my trail wheelers it’s the second thing I would not wheel without. It’s another one of those things you hope you never have to use – but when you really need it…

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Tuffy Security TJ security deck

Tuffy Security Products are well known in the industry for durable storage solutions not just for Jeeps but for trucks and other SUV models as well. I’ve decked out a few rigs over the years with Tuffy products (this TJ has the glove box and center console as well) and when it came time to finally do something about the storage mess in the back of my TJ, Tuffy had the right product for me this time as well. In the past I’ve used a Tuffy roll out drawer in the back of my Jeeps but in this case I had moved the battery to the rear of the vehicle to make room under the hood for bigger tires and a V8 so the drawer wasn’t an option. I also wanted something with a tougher top to carry camping gear fuel and the ever-present wheeling cooler.

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