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GOAT BUILT LS relocation brackets

Wedging larger engines where they don’t belong seems to be the four wheelers pastime and I’m just such a culprit. Over the years I stuffed a Ford stoker big block into a CJ, a Ford small block into a TJ, another Ford big block into a Bronco, just to name a few (no not all Ford engines). Next up is the GM LS conversion in the CJK8, which is essentially the same as stuffing an LS into a modern JK as I’m using a JK frame. Best part is there are companies out there to help with this conversion so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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CJK8 project gets a Flex-a-Lite cooling system

Keeping an engine cool that is swapped into a place it never belonged is always a bit of a challenge. Todays modern aluminum radiators are the way to go and companies like Flex-a-lite who have been making electric fans for years can put an entire package together with coolers, temp sensors, cooler guards and fans to keep everything cool and happy under the hood. Cooling doesn’t just stop at the water in the engine though, trans coolers, engine coolers and with large tires even steering coolers all fight for space in your project.Click the picture for the full article...

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Evans waterless coolant

What’s in your cooling system? Most will reply – antifreeze or water. What cools your engine? A fan. Pretty straightforward stuff, but keeping your rig cool when towing, or using lots of power when driving slow or racing can tax even the best cooling systems.

There is a lot more to your cooling system than just what’s in your radiator and what moves the air through it. Other things to consider are your thermostat opening rate, quality of hoses, your heater core and how the air flows in and out of the engine bay. If you have done an engine conversion like I have usingV8 in a vehicle that never came with a V8, getting the proper size radiator and positioning of all the components can become a chore.

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Trick Flow heads for the LS platform

With the CJK8 getting close to firing up, there was one last change I wanted to do to the LS engine build but had to wait and see if the budget would allow and that was the final part – Trick Flow heads to complete my version of their 550HP LQ4 conversion.


I have used Trick Flow heads and intakes on a couple projects in the past. The first was my 460/545 Ford big block stroker build where I used their big valve heads and port matched intake manifold along with multiport injection on the 600HP stump puller. The second was to wake up my Ford 5.0L – and wake it up they did. I ran the 5.0L for a couple years before the swap – and the before and after were very noticeable – the heads woke the 5.0L up and beyond. My though was – why mess with a good thing (product)?

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Accel ignition for the LS engine

As I’ve been wrapping up the build on my LS engine I’ve been picking away at a few extras as budget allowed. As this engine has undetermined miles but good compression and good oil pressure (really all that’s left now is the bottom end stock anyway) I wanted to make sure the electronics were up to the task for the new mods producing around 550hp.

I wanted to upgrade the plug wires as two of the stock wires had heat damage and getting matched components is typically important to me. I went for a full Accel ignition upgrade. The Accel supercoils offer up to 15% greater spark with a faster rise time and longer spark duration. ACCEL Super Coils feature advanced bobbin technology, highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, optimized windings, proper resistance and engineered turn ratios that deliver a high performance, quality coil.

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CJK8 Exhaust building​ with V-bands

Just about every build I’ve done I’ve worked diligently at getting good ground clearance, good suspension, wired nicely etc, then it has come to exhaust. I really, really hate building exhaust. The tubing sucks to weld, I usually use those U bolt clamps that never seem to keep the exhaust together without welding everything, and my muffler lunch box has always been a issue to reach. Yes I said muffler lunch box… I get performance mufflers that just seem to drone on and drive me crazy and the fun of a loud engine wears off, header gaskets just suck most of the time. I was bound and determined to solve these issues on the new CJK8.

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CJK8 Exhaust 33.jpg
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On-board air via engine driven compressors

It doesn’t take long for off road adventurers to realize how effective lower tire pressure can be not only for traction over big rocks and slick trails but for ride comfort when rumbling over tough trails. The concern lies in getting those same tires back up to street pressure when its time to head home. There are endless small electric compressors on the market but all but a few of the better brands are up to the task of filling truck tires at the end of every trail in a reasonable amount of time. Not only can a good air supply fill tires, but also can run air tools, fill up that sleeping mattress when camping and in the case of a damaged tire can get you back on the road with an easy tire fix.

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TBI fuel injection FAST Vrs Holley

FAST stands for Fuel Air Spark Technology and is part of the Comp Cams group of companies along with NEX nitrous systems, RHS heads, TCI transmission and more so they know a thing or two about engines!

This system is there EZ-EFI with injectors and fuel pump system capable of managing engines up to 600hp with a 1000cfm throttle body. This install is taking place on a 383 Chevy and once installed the hand held programmer will walk you through basic parameters such as displacement before turning the key. The EZ-EFI system is a fuel only system and utilizes your current ignition system you have in place, in Mason’s case (The owner of this V8 converted 1st Gen Toyota) a MSD distributor and ignition box. The system does require a clean RPM signal and a direct to battery power feed and FAST suggests an aftermarket ignition box for optimum performance. FAST also have a EZ-EFI 2.0 and several versions of Multiport injection but hose of us converting our trucks will be mostly interested in the system we are testing here.

Terminator Fuel injection retrofit kits have come a long way over the past few years and Holley is no exception. If you own a modern vehicle, you would wonder why there is even a market for these units as every vehicle since the late 80s has come with some type of injection system from the factory. But when building a street rod and modifying engines sometimes a certain look is trying to be achieved or having the ability of these new systems to learn on the fly gives you the ability to have the system adjust to changes without breaking into a computer to re program it for a new cam shaft or other performance modifier.

Holley’s new Terminator systems offer an easy to install package utilizing the common square bore type intake manifolds. This system was retrofitted onto a 1991 Mustang 5.0L removing the stock two piece intake for the simpler throttle body style injection and intake manifold. During this upgrade a set of Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads were installed along with Trick Flow rockers and push rods to match the taller deck height of the new heads.

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