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It was a Sunday night, I had settled into the TV watching position, cup of Decaf, dog on my feet and my favorite blanky, and then my phone beeped. One word… “Stuck”. Well shit… next email was a picture of his dash with GPS coordinates. Then finally a call from the 1 person who had some cell reception, we need help snow is deep we are not moving, and some better coordinates. Thing was it was an area I knew but had been a long time since I had been in there. Well time to pack up, get some warm clothes on, gas up the CJK8 and toss all my extra recovery gear inside just in case.


Now I have never been a follow-the-GPS bouncing ball guy but here is a good reason to have some knowledge on these systems. I’ve been playing around with the free version of GAIA, and its been tracking pretty good. Punched in the coordinates and it gave me a trail marker to go find.


What I didn’t know was they put it out on a Facebook recovery site, and a few others decided to go as well. A group, who knew what they were in for including Bruce Cook were working their way in from the way the group went in, while I was on route to the way they were trying to come out.


After leaving my route and the GPS coordinate with my wife, I headed out into the night. Once aired down and heading up the plowed portion of the road I hit the snow bank where the plowing ends and came upon a local who was pulling two other “rescuers” out of the 3 feet of snow that started from that point on. Nothing short of big tires and low air pressure was going to get anyone any further. As it turns out the local knew the area better than I did and was game to jump in and come along.



New articles in

Issue 2-1 Oct 2019

The next issue of 4by4tech is here! what you can expect to see including the previews below:

New gear from the Garage

Test drives 2019 JL & 2020 Gladiator

BFG KM3 testing -PNW Jeep Jamboree

Metal Cloak JK lift

Tuffy Security storage solutions

Coyote Beadlocks & Weld on Beadlocks

 4by4tech 2-1cover.jpg
CJK8 skids14.jpg


The CJK8 project needed some under body protection but with listing the fuel tank  inches to flat belly the JK frame - no after market skid system would work anymore. See what we came up with using AR 450 hardened steel



At one time there were an array of vendors making bolt in roll cages for TJs. That market has grown thin - but we did find this kit from Rusty's Off Road. Chris has a serious roll in his last TJ. The sport cage did its job - so he wanted another in his "new" 2003 Rubicon.


Coyote Beadlocks & Weld on Beadlocks

Beadlocks to hold your tires from coming off the rims come in many forms. This issue we have a look at some weld on rings and a set of Coyote inner beadlocks which can be used in stock rims to keep them DOT legal as well and give you many more wheel choices to fit your style..

Metal Cloak JK lift


The Jeep Gladiator is here!


BFG KM3 turns 1 - is it worth it?

BFG KM3-1.jpg

There is no shortage of JK lift kits on the market but I have heard many good things about the quality and ride performance of the systems available from Metal Cloak - time to check one out for myself!

The worst kept secret in Jeep. is out in full force. It took a little while for me to get my claws into one for a week - but it finally came together. after a week road test we hit the trails with the Rubicon version to see how this very long Jeep will do on some real trails.

We get to try a lot of different tires around here, and the BFG Krawler has been my go-to for quite a few years. With the choices for the Krawler getting pretty thin, BFGoodrich stepped up with an all new KM3 M/T. After a year - lets see how they have been doing.



Back issues are all on-line

Issue 1-9

Issue 1-8

Issue 1-7

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