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Like many of you I follow Forums and Facebook sites about off roading and four wheelers, and there are questions that come up on almost every forum pretty much weekly you know the ones, how big of a tire can I fit on my Jeep stock, what can I air down to, what are the best tires, what is the best lift etc... So to stir the pot and add my two cents to many of these common questions - many of which will not satisfy your need to know simply because there really is no right and wrong answer I'm going to give a few my best shot... However before I start, I don't want to pick on brands as there are many good ones but my rule of thumb is - buy the best you can afford, skip the pressure to build it now if needed and save up and in many ways you can build with a single manufacturer in stages as your budget allows.

I can't air down I don't have beadlocks? First to make a lot of wheels manufacturers mad but 90% of wheelers do not need beadlocks. If you're not planning on airing your tires down for greater traction in the single digit range' save your cash. One of my favorite wheels and the wheels I have used the most on projects are American Racing 767 steel wheels -

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Ultimate Dana 60 build with Reid Racing Knuckles
Our CJK8 gets a beefy Dana 60 up front with King Pin Reid Racing Knuckles Stage-8 Locking Spindle nuts, Yukon Hardcore hubs, Randy's Super joints and Cromoly axles
St Anthony dunes, Idaho
I love the dunes, all of them. I have known about this hidden gem in Idaho for many years and we drive within 20 minutes of them every year on our way to Moab but are always too rushed.
RockKrawler 5.5 X Factor lift
We take a mild mannered Jeep TJ and turn it into a rock monster with a 3-link front, triangualted 4-link rear suspension dampened by Bilstien Remote res shocks.

    CJK8 Project